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Welcome to Kelly Rose Wellness

Book your session today and experience the healing power of sound, vibration, reiki, and drumming.

Discover the power of Sound Therapy

At Kelly Rose Wellness, we offer a variety of services to help you find your inner harmony. Immerse yourself in relaxation as these harmonious vibrations naturally align your body.  We feature an array of soothing and transformative elements like singing bowls, chimes, drums, gongs, and tuning forks. These vibrations facilitate the body's innate quest for harmony across physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional realms. Potential outcomes include pain relief, lowered blood pressure, and more. 

Group Sound Session
Private Sound Session
Group Sound Session at Siskiyou Vital Medicine
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The Benefits of Sound, Vibration, Reiki, and Drumming

Promotes Relaxation

Experience deep relaxation and release stress with sound, vibration, reiki, and drumming.

Reduces Anxiety & Depression

Find relief from anxiety and depression with the healing power of sound, vibration, reiki, and drumming.

Boosts Immune System

Boost your immune system and improve your overall health with sound, vibration, reiki, and drumming.

Enhances Spiritual Awareness

Connect with your inner self and enhance your spiritual awareness with sound, vibration, reiki, and drumming.

Meet Our Practitioners

We are dedicated to helping you find your inner harmony with Sound, Vibration, Reiki, and Drumming.
We work individually and as a team. 

Collaborations and Partnerships

We collaborate with doctors and other health professionals.

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Why Choose Kelly Rose Wellness?

We are dedicated to fostering a secure haven for profound relaxation and healing. Our mission involves harnessing the power of sound vibrations.  We offer flexible scheduling and a variety of services to fit your needs. 

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Choose the Service That Fits You Best

Experience a group, private, or corporate sound session spanning around 75 minutes.


“I really enjoyed my sound session. The experience is relaxing and transformative. I recommend it to anyone looking to relax and regenerate from life’s stresses.”

Dr. Duncan

Naturopathic Physician

“The Sound Bath treatments by Kelly Peters, are magical, healing, cleansing, and centering. Kelly provides a safe environment. Along with Kelly's integrity and her love of being able to share her gift of the Sound Bath's, she is truly a caring person. I highly recommend Sound Bath Treatment's for anyone, especially those with anxiety or pain issues.”

Sincerely, Michele, BSN, RN

"I found myself bathing in the sounds that vibrated the room and around my body. I felt centered, supported, and calm as I focused on the unique frequencies as the stress melted away."

Carla from Oregon

“ It's a different experience each time you go. depending on the vibe of the room and what your current mindset is, as to what your experience will be. Your body connects to the different sounds within different sound waves giving you a relaxing, healing experience. Each time I go, I feel like I get a little deeper into relaxation and come out with a better overall experience. More refreshed, more relaxed, more at peace.”

Cyndi B

"The thing about sound healing is: You become more and more you."
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